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Story Notes:

Okay, so quick primer for anyone who does NOT know what a '100 Themes Challenge' is:

You are given a list of one hundred words/phrases. You take each one and make something of it relating to the appropriate fandom. It can be art, or fic, or anything really. I chose fic (obviously or this would be in the forum. :D).

I was planning to be excessively masochistic and make them all 100 words in length. But then I wrote the first chapter and . . . yeah. I couldn't bear to cut it down. :D

Also, most of them are standalone, though some of them are vaguely/not so vaguely connected. This will also be noted in chapter notes.

Anyway, I'll be posting one a day EVERYDAY from now until the list is done.

Which, by my calculations (not forgetting to subtract my previous bad math that made me start two days late *facepalm*) should be right around the January premiere date of the second half of the season.


So, be kind. Leave reviews. And share the LOVE OF PSYCH!

(And no, for those of you considering backing slowly away, I'm not on crack. This is one of my normal days. *toothy and slightly freaky grin*)

P.S. This challenge list came from the 100 Themes deviantART community. Variation 1, I believe. I'm not doing them in order, thus the number annotation is the prompt number on the list.

Oh and Psych is mine and does not belong to the USA Network and Steve Franks.

No, wait. Switch that. ;D

Author's Chapter Notes:

WARNINGS: Tear jerker. Possibly. *shrug* I dunno. It's kinda sad. We'll go with it. :D

She wants him to knock on her door. She doubts he will, knows he doesn't let anyone see the part of him that feels anything but joy and, on occasion, anger.

But still she wants it.

She'd even take a phone call, something to show that he's not alone tonight.

It wasn't his fault. It wasn't anyone's fault but the murderer now sitting behind bars awaiting trial.

He blames himself.

It happens to every cop, this loss, and even though he's not technically a cop, he is where it counts.

It's not a word many would use to describe Shawn Spencer.

And after today, after the loss of a little girl he couldn't save, it's not one that can be used anymore.

Chapter End Notes:
Soooooo, whadja think? :D

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