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12/11/22 09:58 pm
Welcome & welcome back! I've been rewatching the show and remembering this place quite fondly. :)
09/12/22 12:20 am
this site is still active? that's awesome! i just remembered i had stories on here from years ago haha. glad to see psych still alive and well here! :) hello whoever reads this!
08/28/22 02:19 am
Just joined! I only wish I found this earlier in life lol
03/31/22 05:18 pm
Great to hear! Hope you enjoy it. So nice to see a new member join.
03/31/22 12:12 pm
Just now joined after a long time trying to get the site to work for me--so thrilled to be a member! Thanks for continuing to maintain this site!
02/24/22 04:04 pm
02/24/22 01:37 am
Testing testing 123. There might be a site issue right now.
05/07/21 05:26 am
This site holds such a special place in my heart, it's so sad to see it dwindle :(
07/12/20 02:17 am
Sorry for multiple posts but can't edit prior msg - got date wrong - 7/15 is coming Wednesday not Monday (doh!)
07/12/20 02:10 am
In case anyone is still watching this site: Psych 2: Lassie Come Home premieres on Peacock on July 15, the same day the streaming service launches nationally" -- movie is on Monday 7/15!!!!
07/12/20 02:08 am
7/15-With Peacocktv going live Monday there's this in news "The much-anticipated follow-up to the series’ 2017 outing arrives on NBC’s Peacock the same day the streamer goes national"-P2
04/19/20 04:38 pm
Yes! Been loving the IG Live events! Hey, if you want to discuss more Psych stuf aakira, you should join us on the Psychfic discord server! You can interact with many of us while the forum is down lol
04/18/20 12:31 am
OMG-just happened to see Steve Franks & whole gang on Instagram 1hr on YouTube - Tim O looks/sounds great (they all do) - check it out! No mention of WHEN Psych2-LCH will air though :(
04/09/20 09:59 pm
When the boards come back make sure we have a mask-wearing emoji! FYI - USA is running Psych marathon - is the movie coming soon???
04/09/20 03:08 am
While forums are down, we do have the PF discord Jesse! If you want to still chat with some of us. The details are on the PF twitter or you can PM me :)
Jesse Wales
04/08/20 01:53 am
Whoo! It's still alive here. It's been a while. Plan on hunting down old stories I had once read while mourning the (hopefully) temporary loss of the forums.
04/05/20 04:02 pm
In case anyone is here and interested, there is a new weekly prompt challenge on the PF discord! PM for details or check out the PF twitter!
03/26/20 12:50 am
I can't wait for the forums to be back :P
03/05/20 08:08 pm
The forums are currently down. JessicaRae is looking into causes/resolutions. Thanks for your patience!
03/01/20 06:48 am
.... Where did the forums go?!
08/29/19 08:04 pm
hey yall!! every now and then i come back here and get nostalgic. so much has changed. life is wild
07/10/19 03:19 pm
Announcing the 2019 round of the annual Psychfic Awards! We'll be launching these August 1, so keep an eye on the Community Forum for more information as the date gets closer!
12/30/18 02:49 pm
Hope everyone's having a great day. Can't believe it's nearly 2019 already!
12/28/18 10:35 am
Apologies for the absurd amount of story-posting I am about to do. This is what happens when PF is down for 2 weeks. :-(
Little Spirals
12/16/18 11:17 pm
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Partners for Life by Psychrulz
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{ It Was A Dark and Stormy Night by Collegekid06
Summary: When the weather outside is frightful, what better way to spend a night than...
Rated: E starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Post-season


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The community forum will be taken down very soon. No one is using it and it is costing me money every month to have it and maintain it, as it is separate from the main site.

It sucks that it has come to this, but there is no use for a community forum that no one uses. 

--JessicaRae on September 28, 2022 11:38 am 2 Comments
Site Hosting Provider Change

Psychfic has moved to a new hosting provider. Renewal was coming up in April for my then host and I needed to find a less expensive provider that also supports older PHP, which the archive script that makes Psychfic, needs to run properly. 

The move is complete and the site should be up and running properly for everyone. If anyone encounters an issue, please reply to this News post and I'll work to resolve it.

This move is allowing Psychfic to remain online for visitors, even...

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Community Forum is BACK ONLINE

The Community form is back online! You can get to it like before, via the link at the top of the page, or I'll place the link below.

Note that the URL has changed. Old bookmarks will not work. 

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Long Overdue Update

It's been awhile and the year of Covid meant priorities shifted for me for that time. 

This site was born out of love and I still love it, the show, and the community we had here. I know many have moved on as I, myself, have since the glory days of the show. That said, I never want Psychfic to become a site that just disappears one day and all that was created here also disappears. I want it to remain for all who want it and may discover it in the future.

Things that have stalled...

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The forum is currently down because of a scripting issue that cannot be fixed without updating to the most recent version of vBulletin. This will cost me over a hundred dollars a year as they are now subscription based. I'm considering my options and the renewal for the website is also coming up in April and that is over $500 that I cannot afford and don't want to have it on my credit.

I'll be looking into ways to crowd fund this fee since this is a high cost for me when I no...

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POSTPONED: 10th Annual Psychfic Awards
Because of low nominations and general life chaos the Psychfic Awards Committee has opted to postpone the Awards until the end of the year.  Stay tuned for exact date announcements!

--dragonnan on September 23, 2019 10:44 pm 0 Comments
Nominating Has Begun for the 10th Annual Psychfic Awards!!


View Submission guidelines HERE!

--dragonnan on August 01, 2019 6:15 pm 0 Comments
10th Annual Psychfic Awards

Hey all!! It's Awards time again! Check out the submission details HERE 

This is going to be a DOUBLE SIZED event!  We're celebrating stories from 2017 AND 2018 so keep that in mind when you're assembling your nominations!

Additionally there are some big changes to the

--dragonnan on July 16, 2019 6:19 pm 0 Comments
Holiday Short Story Challenge

Holiday cheer abounds on Psychfic!

Join in the Holiday Short Story Challenge to stretch your creativity and get in on the fun. Check out the rules on the Community Forums, then post by January 5. We can't wait to have you join us!!

Happy holidays from all of us to all of you!! 

--DinerGuy on November 05, 2018 6:46 pm 0 Comments
2018 Christmas Fic Exchange

Can you believe it's already time to start thinking about the holidays?? We're gearing up for Christmas here at Psychfic with The Annual Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

This is always such a fun event! Signups close at the end of October, then you'll receive another author's name to write them a secret Christmas gift—and someone else will be writing you one! You can even specify what kind of story you like the best!


--DinerGuy on October 11, 2018 1:12 pm 1 Comments
9th Annual Psychfic Awards Results!

The results for the Psychfic Awards have been posted! Congratulations to all of our fabulous winners!! And also huge congrats to everyone who was nominated. We are so proud of all of you!

Check out the quick list and Award Pineapples on the forums here, then check out the ceremony fic here!

Also major thanks to all who participated in nominating...

--DinerGuy on September 30, 2018 9:40 pm 1 Comments
9th Annual Psychfic Awards - TIME TO VOTE!

The voting poll is now open!

Visit this link to cast your vote! And stay tuned for the upcoming Awards Ceremony - only on Psychfic!

 9th Annual Psychfic Awards Voting Poll

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