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Just found this site a few months ago after getting hooked on Psych. I had watched a few episodes, but not until the mini-marathons on ion Television did I get obsessed with the show. My favorite part of the show, what actually got me to take notice, was the complexity of Shawn's relationship with his dad, Henry. In fact, it was "Shawn Takes A Shot In the Dark" that sold me on the show and drove me to want more and to look for fics. There are sooooo many good stories here, it's fic heaven.
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Challenges by LovePsychFic
Summary: When reading (and re-reading) Psychrulz's "A Bitter Pill" the following parts always intrigue me: "Henry noticed his son was also exhibiting a behavior that he had not seen from his son in years, but recognized immediately. 'Hes severely over stimulated.'" and "Henry scoffed. 'In all this information, did you even bother to listen to Shawn or consider his history and the disaster that happened last time he was put on these kinds of meds as a kid?'" If someone could write that, I would love to read it. Preferably multiple chapters, at least 2 or 3, more would be good. Psychrulz, I hope this is okay with you. If not please contact me.
Categories: Pre-season Characters: Gus, Henry, Maddie Spencer, Shawn
Summary: I love to read and want to read stories about Henry discovering Shawn's ability and/or Shawn realizing it.
Categories: Pre-season Characters: Gus, Henry, Maddie Spencer, Shawn
Summary: Tag/Missing Scene following the end Shules scene in Deez Nups. Choose one or more of the situations below: - Juliet goes to Henry - Juliet goes to Gus - Henry goes to Juliet - Gus goes to Juliet The reason for their interaction(s) is to help Juliet understand or forgive Shawn for the lie.
Categories: Season Characters: Gus, Henry, Juliet