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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is my first attempt at Pscyh fanfiction...

Disclaimer: I own nothing, and am makeing nothing off of this...it's just for fun.

Oneshots is all it Takes

By: Sparky the Wonder Weasel

I: Introduction

Gus rang the doorbell as he and Shawn stood on the porch.

"Remember I get to do the introductions Shawn." Gus stated as he shot his friend an ‘I'm-Serious-About-This' look.

"Be my guest." Shawn gestured towards the door as it opened.

Gus smiled smugly as he turned towards the man now standing in the doorway.

"Can I help you?" The man's voice was gruff, and the tone suggested that he was annoyed with the disruption.

"Yes, I think you can." Gus started. "My name is Burton Guster, and this is my..."

Gus was cut off by the man's sudden outburst of laughter. "Listen kid, I wasn't born yesterday, so don't try and pull the wool over my eyes with that fake name. I ain't buying anything from you; now get off my property before I call the police."

Gus looked a little taken aback by the man's outburst, but recovered quickly. "You see sir, we actually..."

"Off of my property now!" The man shouted, using his pointer finger for emphasis.

He then slammed his door shut, but they heard him mumble "Burton, please, I ain't stupid' before the door had completely shut.

Gus stood dumbstruck, feet planted to porch, as he started at the door the man had disappeared behind.

"You see Gus, this is why I do the introductions." Shawn smile grew when Gus leveled his glare at him.

"Shut up Shawn!" Gus snapped, sending a well placed smack to his best friends arm. Which received an ‘Ow, that was totally uncalled for' in response.

Chapter End Notes:

Was it good, bad, ugly? Should I run for the hills and never look back? Feedback would be wonderful people!


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