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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I own neither Psych nor Harry Potter.

I decided to jump on the 100 Themes bandwagon. Also, I responded to my own challenge. I'm such a dork.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This chapter alone could have encompassed at least three different themes.

Gus wasn’t quite sure what had happened. In fact, he wasn’t sure he even wanted to know. All he wanted to do was wake up from what had to be a horrible nightmare.

It started out innocently enough. Shawn, in an effort to further convince the entire world that he was psychic, had gone on a shopping spree at the local metaphysical bookstore. In addition to the numerous guides on palmistry, tarot, dream interpretation, and numerology, he had picked up a spell book. Gus had assumed it was written for preteen girls going through one of their numerous phases. At least, he had until Shawn tried out one of the spells.

As he laid on the cold stone floor, looking up at the enchanted ceiling and listening to the surprised wizards chatter on about their sudden appearance, he reprimanded himself for forgetting that anything which involved Shawn forfeited all rights to be normal.

Chapter End Notes:

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