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Summary: A short fluffy shules one shot. A response to a challenge on psychfic from a while ago. Forgot the details, but basically Shawn brings Juliet flowers. No spoilers, just pure fluff.
Rated: E
Categories: Season Characters: Juliet, Shawn
Genres: Fluff, Romance
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Published: September 08, 2019 Updated: September 08, 2019
Story Notes:
Just a one-shot I had lying around. I wrote it ages ago and decided, why not?

It was in response to a challenge on . I don't fully remember what the detail were, but Shawn brings Juliet flowers.

Very short, fluffy Shules up ahead. Something to brighten up your Monday! (Hopefully).

[Originally published in 2013

1. Chapter 1 by AmazingLadybird [Reviews - 0] (985 words)