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Summary: What if Shawn and all his guys would do a Romeo and Juliet piece. Don´t ask for the reason, why they should do it. They do. Okay? And this is what happened ...
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Published: January 31, 2019 Updated: January 31, 2019

1. Romeo and Juliet by nurzubesuch [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1081 words)

P.S. Except for Shawn and Jules, I won´t name the people who are speaking off screen. Imagine yourself whose voice you think best for the parts. I personally think Lassiter could play the part of Lord Capulet but as I said. You can choose yourself.

Disclaimer: The skit is taken directly from my absolute favorite sketch of Studio C. If you haven´t seen it, go check it out. But first, enjoy Shawn as an unfortunate Romeo ...