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Author's Chapter Notes:
Because apparently I tortured too many people with that last chapter, so here's a tiny sequel. All is well!
Gus hadn't been able to reach the walkie talkie where it was wedged somewhere in the debris nearby, but the stupid thing had apparently gotten stuck at just the right angle to amplify Shawn's voices through the rubble.

Waking up with who-knew-how-many tons of building materials overhead was more than a little terrifying, but he had somehow miraculously ended up in a large air pocket. It was too dark to see anything, and all he could do was hope and pray the creaking he heard around him wasn't indicative of whatever was holding up the pile about to give way.

The walkie talkie flickering to life in a burst of static interrupted the beginnings of a panic attack, and his chest had slowly unclenched as soon as he'd heard his best friend's voice coming through.

The cheap device - which, honestly, Gus was shocked the thing had survived an earthquake, considering what he'd paid for it (and yes, he was well aware he'd paid for it even though he hadn't agreed to it before Shawn ordered the dumb set online) - was too far away to grab, he'd tried, but he couldn't get his leg out from the tangle of… what felt like wires and probably some concrete. Thankfully it didn't hurt - yet - but he wasn't sure if that was because it didn't or if there was just too much shock and adrenaline in his system. Not that he was going to argue either way.

Shawn kept going on and on about everything and nothing all at the same time. Gus wanted to retort to basically everything his friend was saying - he absolutely did not owe Shawn any churros, thank you very much; a bet is only a bet if both parties agree to it - but he couldn't reach to hit the button to respond, so he was stuck just listening to Shawn drone on. But it was comforting, honestly, as if lighting up the dark hole where Gus was currently trapped. He found himself torn between wanting Shawn to stop talking to preserve the battery life and hoping that Shawn never stopped.

It seemed like an eternity between when Shawn stopped transmitting, after relaying that Juliet had brought up the battery life thing, and when his best friend came back on the line to update him on what was happening on the surface. That equipment couldn't dig him out fast enough.

What felt like ages later, Gus was finally above ground again, breathing the beautiful fresh air that had never smelled so sweet - regardless of the smoke and dust hanging around.

"Shawn?" he said, grimacing at the hoarseness in his throat as he was loaded into the back of a waiting ambulance. "You know da-" coughing interrupted his sentence "-well you owe me the churro."

And his best friend couldn't wipe the stupid grin off his face long enough to put up much of an argument.
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