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Author's Chapter Notes:
Clearly the solution to writer's block is to have a deadline for a different story you're writing.

Categories: Post-Season
Genres: Angst
Warnings: None

"Can you hear me? Are these walkie-talkies still working? You can't tell me they weren't a good use of our money now, right?

"...Gus? Gus, come in.

"Hey, buddy, if you're still there, I'm sorry, buddy. I tried. We tried, but... it's too unsteady to keep digging right now. We're gonna have to wait for equipment and stuff...

"Remember when we first moved to San Francisco and we made that bet on when an earthquake would happen? I guess I won that bet; you owe me a churro, by the way. See? You better get out of there soon because you need to buy me one.

"Anyway, I was going to start quoting every word of
The Princess Bride or something to keep you busy so you don't worry, but, um, Jules says I shouldn't keep talking nonstop in case you reply and so I don't drain your walkie's batteries, so... I guess I'll stop for now. But don't worry, I'm right here. Just say the word, and I'm here.

"Anyway, if you're still hearing this, if the batteries didn't die or something, we're coming, buddy. Just... hang in there, okay?"

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