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Author's Chapter Notes:
The boys went all introspective on me again...

Categories: Season, Post-Season
Genres: General
Warnings: None

Shawn had always been good at solving things. It was why his dad had started training him to hone his skills so early in life. But Gus was also good at puzzles and mysteries. Even though the Gusters had wanted a "normal" life for him, once he and Shawn had started Psych, Gus's capability as a detective had come to light.

Gus had surprised himself at first; he'd never seen himself as a sleuth of any sort (that was the Spencers' area of expertise) and always assumed he'd end up in a more technical field. And he had... for a while. Then Shawn had pulled him into the whole Psych thing somehow, although Gus had protested at first -- and still did but really only for show at this point. Sure, sometimes (okay, lots of times) Shawn still did stuff that frustrated Gus and deserved a complaint, but Gus wasn't even mad about the detective thing anymore.

Because now he had realized just how good he really was at it, and, if he were being honest, he couldn't imagine his life without a new puzzle to solve on a regular basis.

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