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Author's Chapter Notes:
"Gooood morning Santa Barbara! Is this thing on?

"Coming Live from the PF Discord where we've had a quickly developing story about a resurrection in the Bi-Weekly Drabble Challenge!

"After 4 years, several users have decided to participate including PF's own insert56! I'm getting reports that this is actually her first time writing anything at all in four years! Wow!

"The author requests that thoughts, prayers, and donations be sent to the Burnt Out Fanfic Writers Fund in celebration of this momentous occasion!"

Jokes aside, it was fun to actually write something. MUCH LOVE to DinerGuy for co-hosting the new drabble challenge with me and cosette141 for stirring life back into the Psychfic Discord server after a very long hiatus. The Psych fandom really is a small place and family. Even if this drabble challenge reboot of the reboot of the reboot doesn't last long, it's been fun to jump back in again. Here's to hoping we last a little longer this time around!
"I'm up to the challenge."

"Are you sure, Shawn? It costs $75 to take the detectives exam. If you don't take this seriously-"

"Dad! I swear I'm ready. I want to do this. I won't let you down."

Henry had sighed and called to schedule the exam. He never expected Shawn to take it before the academy.

But Shawn was stubborn and had asked Henry about taking it after a jab from Atwater about not being able to beat his score.

Now, two weeks later, Shawn had taken the exam and Henry had the results in a manilla envelope on his desk.

At fifteen, Shawn was the youngest person on record to attempt the exam.

Henry knew experienced officers who hadn’t succeeded.

Could they really expect a teenager to pass?

He wanted to assume his son could do it. He had the intelligence, skills, and had even studied.

But what would it mean to Shawn if he failed?

“Hey Dad, what’s that?”

Henry silently handed the envelope over.

“Sweet! I got a 100. I’m going to get something from the vending machine to celebrate!”

Baffled, Henry verified the results as Shawn walked off.

Wait… he beat him?

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