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Author's Chapter Notes:
A tad late on this one lol.


Shawn smiled as he softly closed his bedroom door and found his wife reading a book in bed.

"Hear that?" Shawn asked.

Juliet's brow furled as she listened.


"Exactly! That's the beautiful sound of silence Jules!"

Juliet returned his smile, "You got the twins to fall asleep?"

"They're out like a light!" Shawn said as he got comfortable.

"I don't know HOW you manage to get them to bed sometimes. Especially after feeding them all that sugar while I was gone!"

"Maybe the sugar was all part of my master plan!"

"Shawn! They were literally bouncing off the walls when I got home. Who told them the house could become a trampoline if they believed hard enough anyways?"

Shawn winced, "They may or may not have watched some hyper vlogger dude on YouTube when I was getting dinner ready."

Juliet was about to respond when her husband suddenly put his finger to his lips. "Shhh."

A beat later, their door creaked open as two small heads popped in. "Daddy... we can't sleep!"

As Shawn scooped his kids up, he caught a knowing smirk from Juliet and rolled his eyes. He wouldn't be hearing the end of this anytime soon.

Chapter End Notes:
PS I absolutely The Sound of Silence.

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