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"Listen here Maldonado," Carlton growled, "If you don't-".

The detective was cut off by a shrill alarm and flashing lights filling the small room.

Shawn's hands shot to his ears, "What is that?!"

Carlton grimaced and yelled, "We're in lockdown!"

Both men's attention were drawn to the loud banging noises echoing from the prison's hallway.

"I wonder what's-"

Shawn choked as cold metal wrapped around his neck, suffocating him.


Shawn flailed as he panicked and lashed out. He squeezed his eyes shut as his vision started to darken.

Every time he moved, the vice around his neck felt tighter and tighter.

He sensed other hands on him, attempting to free him.

The sound of the alarm was fading quickly as it was replaced by rushing blood.

Shawn's head swam and his lungs and throat burned.

This was it.

A pop sounded in the distance and suddenly Shawn was falling.

Hands were back. The pressure on his neck disappeared.

Air rushed in in large automatic gulps as his body slowly came out of its own lockdown.


Shawn raised a shaky thumbs up and winced at the dead body next to him.

He couldn't wait to get out of here.

Chapter End Notes:
This was fun to write and I may or may not have a longer version coming out based on this later lol. I originally went waaaay over the limit.

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