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Author's Chapter Notes:
Psych not mine.
Home, by Daughtry

Shawn had been away for too long. He'd thought he was having fun. Hell, he had been, but not the same kind he'd always known growing up. It was a kind of fun with no attachment, permanent friends or relationships, just him and his motorcycle, shifting from job to job throughout the U.S. (and once Mexico). But he missed the real fun: the kind with someone he cared about. His best friend meant the world to him. Gus gave him something none of that fun could, and Shawn needed it again. He was going home.

Our Song, by Ron Pope


"Yeah Jules?"

"Why don't we have a song?"

"Jules, did your itunes account get deleted again?"

"Not like that Shawn. I mean a song for us, as a couple. I think we need a one."

"Hmm... how about Shout? You remember when you went all crazy dance instructor on me and Gus?"

"Please, that's not romantic!"

Iris, by Goo Goo Dolls

If there was anything to be said about Shawn Spencer, it was that he put up a mask. Yes, well so did everyone, but not like him. No one knew of his insane smarts, his fears, insecurities, anything. Or at least, very few people did. He hid it all with his jokes. Then Shawn met someone. His wonderful, amazing Jules made him want to show everything, at least to her. Well, not everything, that could get them both fired, but as much as he could. He wanted her to know who he was.

The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World

It was needless to say that there were a lot of haters in Juliet's life, at this point more than ever. All the men didn't like the fact that a petite younger (she had graduated high school early) women was there training to be a cop with them. The doubted her, which inevitably made her doubt herself. But one day she didn't. One day she just shrugged her shoulder's and said, "Hey, why should I care what they think?"

Round Here, by Counting Crows

Three weeks, four days, and about six hours. That's how long it had been since Shawn Spencer had been at the SPBD. Yes, Juliet had kept count. Why? Because, around there it was the most depressing place in the world without him. Everyone went about their business without the cheeriness they would with the psychic cracking jokes. No one stopped by Juliet's desk anymore to pestered her, and she missed it terribly. It made all the heaviness of every murder case rolling in weigh on her more than ever. Even Lassiter, who would have been expected to be happy, was feeling the effects of the dreary department.
Chapter End Notes:
So some of these don't exactly connect back to the songs. What happened is I would start writing them with every intention of making them like the songs, and they would sort of take a life of their own. Sorry...

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