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Summary: A couple of people seem to have done this, so I thought I'd try it. Basically my playlist goes on shuffle, and I have to come up with something related to the song and write it in the time that it's playing. These will be super duper short, which is why I'm doing five per chapter.

Current: Save me San Francisco by Train, Trust me by The Fray, Breakfast in Bed by Train, Electable (Give it Up) by Jimmy Eat World, and No Surprise by Daughtry.
Rated: T
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Published: October 08, 2015 Updated: April 24, 2016

1. Chapter 1 by me_ [Reviews - 3] (479 words)
Psych not mine.

2. Chapter 2 by me_ [Reviews - 0] (455 words)
Psych not mine.

3. Chapter 3 by me_ [Reviews - 1] (508 words)
Because the lack of stories lately has been bumming me out.

Psych not mine.

4. Chapter 4 by me_ [Reviews - 1] (497 words)
Psych not mine.