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Author's Chapter Notes:
Psych not mine.
No One's Gonna Love You by Band of Horses:

Shawn reached over and kissed Juliet on the head gently, trying to sooth her tears. Someone should have warned her. Sure, that wasn't possible, no one was going to come in from the future and say, "Hey, your partner's gonna get shot and die!", but still, he hated how shocking and sudden this all was.

He wanted her to smile. To stop crying. He knew she couldn't do that, Lassiter was dead and it was gonna be a long time until she smiled again, but Shawn needed her to. After all, no one was gonna love her more than he did.

Hundred by The Fray:

"I love you." Those three precious words were hardly ever exchanged between Victoria and Carlton these days. He was just so confused. Their love had seemed so real before, and now... Now he just didn't know. "On a scale of one to a hundred, how strong would you say your love is?" The marriage counselor had asked. More like unsure to a hundred.

Heaven Forbid by The Fray:

Juliet had a predicament, and it was a big one. No boyfriend. Not only that, but the pressure of getting one. She got heat from her parents, her friends, and even her brothers, who had always been extra protective of her. Maybe that was the reason that she was dating everyone in sight lately. Except nothing ever seemed to work out. Well, on second thought she went for everyone except one person. The one guy Juliet was really scared to be with, because if she did she knew it would end (because that's how all relationships always seemed to go for her) and her heart would be broken into a million pieces.

Mr. Jones by Counting Crows

Gus was jealous. Well, not exactly jealous, it's hard to be jealous of you're best friend. It was just that Shawn seemed to get everything. The girls, the attention; everyone loved him and he was never lonely. Here at the bar Shawn was trying to hook Gus up with a girl, as usual. The problem was they all seemed to be looking at him instead of Gus. They played the whole,"she's looked at me, no, no me" spiel, but deep down Gus knew it was Shawn that was the big star.

Brick By Brick by Train

'Finally,' Shawn thought as he squeezed Juliet's hand gently, glad that this moment had come after so long. They were back together, and the worst of part was over. It was time to rebuild everything they had before and more, now that the truth was on their side.

"I love you, Jules," he whispered glad to finally say those words again. "Even more than pineapple and Kurt Smith, the legend that he is."

"I love you too." She said back, honesty never more clear.

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