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Story Notes:
Hello all! I've decided to jump onboard the 100 prompts challenge... whether or not I'll actually be able to complete all of them... I guess we'll just have to wait and see. But I it seemed fun and I'm tired of watching everyone else do it.  So since I have a few written already... here I am! I hope you enjoy and I'll try to update relatively frequently! No promises about updates of course... *grins sheephishly* The warnings (or lack of) and characters for each little chapter fic is subject to change so I'll let you know with each new update, cappishe?
Author's Chapter Notes:
So this particular one is just Shawn and Gus and it's way pre season! No particular warnings for this one, just a cute little friendship piece. So on you go and don't forget to review, they make my day!
Shawn Spencer can remember the first time he ever met Gus. He can remember just about everything that’s ever happened to him, but really, that’s beside the point. The day he met Gus is more important than most of those other days.

It was Pre-K, and even then Shawn was always the center of attention. He supposes he was probably the only natural choice for the teacher to pick. The friendly, enthusiastic, not in the least shy Shawn Spencer.

Gus had been the new kid. Shy, awkward, nervous, in retrospect kind of geeky in his pressed pants and button up shirt. The teacher, Mrs. Stitely, had led Gus directly through the mass chaos that is 15 four year olds, straight to the center where Shawn had been busy attempting to show everyone how the blood rushed to his face when he stood on his head.

“Get up, Shawn,” Mrs. Stitely had said, her tone making her inner conflict between exasperation and amusement obvious. “How many times do I have to tell you to stay on your feet?”

“I don’t think yesterday should count,” four year old Shawn answered earnestly. “I didn’t really get off my feet when I climbed on the lunch table.”

“I suppose that’s true,” Mrs. Stitely had agreed after a moment. The boy was really too smart for his own good. “Shawn, I have someone I want you to meet,” she said then. “I would like you to show him around and introduce him to people. Burton Guster, this is Shawn Spencer, Shawn, this is Burton.”

Mrs. Stitely had hurried away then, drawn by the screaming of a little girl who had somehow gotten her hair stuck in the class’s hamster cage, leaving the boys to get acquainted on their own.

“You don’t look much like a Burton,” Shawn remembers telling his new charge. “I’ll call you Gus.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.
Chapter End Notes:
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