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Okay I got hooked when windscryer started her Snapshots, then Musicalluna started her 100 Days.  She nudged me to do one and I was like, cool.  I need to get my butt in gear.  What a fun way to do that.  So here's goes. 


Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks to Jenn1984, Raych, and VampKira for reading this one over.  It's a bit sappy so please forgive me.

Disclaimer: I don't own Psych!!!


Claire yelled out in pain as another contraction hit.  She squeezed the life out of his hand.  He grimaced and then smiled.  "You know, I might need that hand again."

            "Well, you should have thought of that before you decided that having a baby was a good idea," she said angrily.  "Sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

            He grinned, "It's okay.  I know you're not good with pain."  She yelled again and arched her back.

            "It's looks like this little one has finally decided to make an appearance.  You're fully dilated, Claire," the doctor said happily.  Henry felt his heart race a little.  They talked about this for months now and the time had finally arrived he was about to be a father.  Soon, a little life would be placed squarely in his hands.  It was his responsibility to make sure that his son (he didn't care what Claire said it was a boy) was ready for the world.  He would pass on all his knowledge; teach him everything he knew, and make him the best cop Santa Barbara had ever seen.  But he was getting ahead of himself.  

            The doctor instructed Claire to push and about ten minutes later, baby boy Spencer joined the world.  They cleared out his mouth and his son announced his arrival for everyone to hear.  Henry could feel tears stinging his eyes as he cut the umbilical chord.  The nurse took his little bundle and cleaned him up.

            "Dad, do you want to bring your son over to his mom?" the nurse asked him.  He nodded, not trusting his voice and took the baby, his son from the nurse.  He smiled down at the little pink baby.  He was perfect.  Dark tuft of unruly hair, dark eyes staring up at him, and ten perfect little fingers and toes.  He reached his finger into the baby's hand and the little fingers wrapped around it.  He smiled. 

            "Hello Shawn, I'm your father, Henry.  You can call me Dad."  He chuckled as the baby yawned and closed his eyes.

Chapter End Notes:
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