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Author's Chapter Notes:
This challenge is being revived on the Psychfic Discord server! You should come join us over there. ;)

100 words and... go!
“I’m up to the challenge!”

Gus frowned. “I don’t know, Shawn,” he said uncertainly. Craning his neck, he looked up, following the long ladder to where it disappeared into the sun’s glare.

Shawn just grinned and adjusted his swim goggles. “Gus, please, if Jimmy can do it, I can do it.”

“Jimmy is also two grades ahead and eight inches taller,” Gus retorted. He gulped as he watched a fifth grader plunge down the water slide and be swallowed by the deep end with a giant splash.

“Come on, Gus.” Shawn grinned confidently. “It’ll be fine. What could go wrong?”
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