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Author's Chapter Notes:
200 words per Google Docs

"I don't like this, Shawn."

"But you heard the chief! I'm the only one who can do it!"

"Why does it have to be you? Lassiter and Juliet can handle this one on their own. Don't look at me like that! Do you not remember almost dying last time?"

"Gus, don't be a little purple man. Remember what happened last time?"

"...That is exactly what I just said."

"I've heard it both ways. Besides, you and I both know Detective I-Like-Cheese Lassiter literally cannot handle this one on his own."


"It's the perfect setup! It's basically already written anyway; they were just waiting for me to come back. You know all my fans are."

"But they dumped you in a well because they thought they'd killed you! You can't seriously want to just go back to your old life like nothing happened."

"Uh... Gus? That was Chad. This is me. Shawn. Your best friend. Besides, if we take this case, we get full access to craft services again."

"Don't play with my emotions, Shawn. I-- Wait. Does that mean unlimited sandwiches again?"

"And pineapple and tacos and whatever else they put out for us."

"Mm. You know that's right."

Chapter End Notes:
And yes, now I want this sequel like whoas.

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