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Default It's Back - How do you feel?

Hey, check the countdown on the homepage and you know that the X-mas eppi of Psych is less than a day away.

How do you feel? Doing anything special?

ME: Grabbing a fresh can of pineapple and some good cookies and soda, and plopping down on the couch and stealing the TV from my dad for the Friday Night marathon. (Gotta love living this close to SO many grocery stores and stuff).

What are you up to?

Come on, you know I didn't make this.
I couldn't reach this talent, even if I tried.
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Let's see.....

Sitting on the couch....watching Monk first....then Psych comes on and I start praying for some awesome Shules moments since, from the looks of the previews, there might be some more then just one, and waiting for funny moments supplied by Shawn and Gus.

Then after that's done, I will get some tissues to dab my eyes from tearing up since it is probably going to be hilarious and then realizing that we have to wait until Jan. 11 for more and i will be a little sad and then get back to my FanFic stories!!!
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