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Default 2017 Secret Santa Fic Exchange

So there might have been an incident where a certain person forgot to post a signup thread for a certain gift exchange...

Oh wait. I think that was classified.


Umm... Then again, maybe there was no incident...

Just, um, don't ask any questions... although since my license to kill has been revoked and my pilot's license is out back in the Cessna, you're probably okay either way...


Basically, just thank Redwolffclaw for this thread existing.

Moving on.

For those of you unfamiliar with a fic exchange, the basic idea is that people sign up on a list, and then someone (me, in this case) assigns everyone a random partner (the only "rigging" done will be ensuring that those who don't like writing one thing don't have to write stuff for someone who wants that thing). Then everyone writes for the person they've been assigned. The basic idea is that everyone who signs up gets something from someone and also give something to someone. It doesn't have to be fic, it could also be art, but fic is kind of the main idea.


All submissions should be emailed to diner [dot] guy [at] hotmail [dot] com. Your subject line should read, "SSFE for ____ by ____" (this will help me with organizational details).

Fic Submissions:
  • Fics should be submitted as email attachments in either .rtf, .doc, or .docx format. (I have a PC, so please do not send me Pages documents, because I will be unable to open them.) You can share to that email via Google Docs if you need to.
  • If you would like to title your story, you must put the title at the top of the document. The stories will be posted as individual chapters in one single story on Psychfic. I will title each chapter "For [giftee]."
  • Fics should be self-contained, meaning they cannot be unfinished stories you plan to complete later on your own page nor continuations of current WIPs, and a minimum 1,000 words. You are more than welcome to write a longer story, but 1,000 is the required minimum. If you submit a story that is less than that, I will send it back for adjustments.

Art Submissions:
  • Art should be submitted as email attachments and will then be uploaded to a photo-sharing account before being posted in a special thread on the forum.
  • Please note that if you are making banners or icons, you must adhere to the forum rules regarding banners and avatars.

Registration will close on Tuesday, October 31, at 11:59pm CDT (GMT-6). This is the only part of the exchange where I will enforce timezones so that everyone will know without a doubt when it is closing. All other deadlines are 11:59pm your time, whenever that may be (it's just easier for you that way). After registration closes, I will match everyone up and send out assignments. Please make sure your forum PM box is not full, as that is the avenue through which I will send assignments. You will receive your giftee's info no later than Thursday, November 2. (Although I am known for impatience and I will probably send them out the next day, but that just gives me a little extra time just in case.)

All submissions are due by Saturday, December 16.

THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! If at any point you think you will be unable to complete your assignment, please contact me. No shaming will occur; I just need to know to set up other arrangements.

Also, please let me know if you have any questions related to the Exchange. Since part of the deal with a Secret Santa is that it is, in fact, secret, all components of it must stay completely anonymous until I make the reveal. The success of that rests on your shoulders! Please keep your recipient a secret (with the exception of a beta, if you'd like, but he or she must also be sworn to secrecy).

Gifts will be posted no later than the end of the day on Thursday, December 21. (Although I'm usually so excited about it that I post everything immediately, so who knows.)

PLEASE NOTE that if you don't submit on Saturday by midnight, I will try to get ahold of you by as many methods as I have available. I will PM you, as well as email if I have your info. I will do all I can to work it out so that I can get your gift to your giftee. HOWEVER, if I cannot get an answer on Sunday or Monday, then it will move to pinch-hitter territory on Tuesday morning. This is to ensure that there is enough time for the pinch-hitter to complete a gift so I can post by the end of the day Thursday.

Then on Saturday, December 23 (or possibly Christmas Eve if my life goes haywire for some reason on the 23rd), I will edit the post with the gifts to reveal who wrote/made what. You may then do what you will with that information.

To Sign Up

Please reply to this thread using the following template. Just copy and paste, then fill it in!

If I get fic I want...

Generic request:
Specific request:

If I get art I want...
Generic request:
Specific request:

I absolutely do NOT want: (This is where you should put anything you do not want to see at all in your gift, such as smushy kissing scenes, blood, pointy things, raccoons, snowglobes, or Hawaiian shirts.)

I can offer: (Fic or Art. Also, what are your strengths?)

I can't offer: (What are your weaknesses? This is so I don't pair you with someone who only wants what you can't give.)

I can pinch-hit: (Yes or No. Pinch-hitting means that if someone has to drop out at the last minute for any reason, I can ask you to take that person's place. This way, everyone who signed up gets something. Please note that you do not have to produce an epic masterpiece, but please only respond yes to this if you are willing to step up if called upon.)

Feel free to spread the word; it'd be awesome to have loads of participants! And thanks, all! Can't wait for the fun to start!

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