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Default They're More Like Guidelines Anyway...

Yes, a little Pirates of the Caribbean reference for you there =)

So, writer's commentary. What is it, anyway?

A writer's commentary for fic is pretty much like a writer's commentary for movies/tv shows/any kind of DVD. It is your story, but with added commentary throughout. This commentary could be anything from "This is what I thought about when I wrote this line" to "The inspiration for this story came from..." to "When I was writing this paragraph/story/line/whatever I was high on pixie sticks and fairy dust, which is why it comes out sounding a bit... strange". (Or, if you've ever seen the Psych commentary, a whole lot of laughing and talking about how brilliant you are. )

The format should looking something like this (though you are free to play around with it):

The One Where Mia Explains - by Mia

So, one day Mia had this idea. It was a good idea, she thought, and she wanted to share it with the rest of her friends at PF.

PF, for those of you who don't know, is short for Psychfic. This, right here, by the way, is my writer's commentary. See?

Mia's problem, however, was that she wasn't always as good at explaining things as she'd like to think. So instead of explaining, Mia made up a silly story, hoping that would do the trick.

At this point in the story I started thinking, "Oh, man. They must all think I'm a dork." Which I am, I guess. But it answers the question, doesn't it?

And so on and so forth....

But... why?

The reason I wanted us to do this, was so that we could all learn from each other, and also as a way to get us excited about fic again.

I've written my commentary. What now?

Now it's time to share it with the world.

You post your commentary as a separate story under your own name at the archive. At the end of the story you post a link to a discussion thread that you create here on this board. In that discussion thread you post a link to your story over on the archive.

Then it's time for people to start discussing. This can be anything from questions of "What did you mean here?" to "So when you say that ______ do you actually mean ____?" Basically anything they want to know. I'm hoping this will spark some good discussions about writing, and that we can all learn a little from each other.

As a start I think doing commentary for one-shots is the best thing. It's less for people to go through, and it's less commentary for you to write. If, at a later date, someone should want to do something like this for a longer story then I see no problems with that, but keep it to the one-shots at first.

Remember, also, that this isn't the main purpose of the archive. Keep writing actual stories. The commentary is just a fun supplement, not the main deal.

When you post your commentary, label it with the appropriate label, so that it will be easier to find later.

Now, any and all questions can be directed to yours truly here, and I'll do my best to answer.

When you post your story, in the subject line, please put:

Name of Story by Your Name

for easier reference.

And I think that should be all.

Have fun!
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