The Rules

* All nominated stories must be complete. The only TWO categories where incomplete stories are eligible are Best Standalone and Most Wanted WIP.

* All nominated stories must comply with Psychfic's guidelines about Psych fanfiction, which can be found here.

* No stories completed prior to April 15th, 2011 are eligible.

* Any stories added or completed on or after the date of May 15th, 2013, are not eligible.

* Cheating is NOT tolerated. We know when you try it, and if an author is caught cheating they are no longer eligible in the awards. Their stories are disqualified. If a non-author attempts to cheat, no contributions from that person will be accepted: nominations or votes.

* No stories nominated from previous awards are eligible, EXCEPT in the category of Best Standalone and Most Wanted WIP. In Best Standalone, stories previously nominated can be nominated again, so long as the same standalone(chapter) is not nominated again. In Most Wanted WIP, previously nominated WIPs that have been completed within this awards year can be nominated as completed stories. Still unfinished WIPs cannot be nominated as Most Wanted WIP again.

* NO stories posted outside of the Psychfic archive are allowed.

* All nominations will be subject to consent of the author for the work to be considered for the award. Once an author rejects a nomination, no stories from that author will be allowed in the awards. In the instance of stories with joint authorship, the first listed author will be assumed to speak for all the authors, unless it is clearly stated otherwise within the story headers.

* The Awards Committee reserves the right, at its discretion, not to make an award in any category in which fewer than five works were nominated. Works nominated in such categories may, at the discretion of the Awards Committee, be transferred to other categories, but this cannot be guaranteed.

* You are allowed to nominate your own material, EXCEPT for the categories Best Reviewer, Best New Author and Best Overall Writer.

* You may make no more than three nominations per category.

* No more than three stories per author are allowed in a category, and a single story can be nominated in no more than three categories. This will be achieved by a first nomination first serve basis. Once three stories have been nominated by a single author in a single category, no further nominations will be accepted for that author in that category.

* A single story can be nominated for a maximum of three categories, so long as it fills the category descriptions.

* Award categories are limited to 30 nominations. This is due to 30 being the limit of poll options in our polling script. In the event that this number is reached, the nominating for that category will close.

* The nomination forms require a password that proves that you've read these rules, do NOT enter your Psychfic password. The password you will need is puppy.

* The winners will be in placings of a Gold Pineapple, Silver Pineapple, and Bronze Pineapple. Respectively first, second, and third. The Best Overall Writer category awards a single award, the Diamond Pineapple. The Best New Writer category also awards a single award, the Emerald Pineapple.

* Winners will be chosen by popular vote, which will be taken after the nominating process is closed.

Any questions, contact JessicaRae at