The representation of the awards for Psychfic are pineapples, inspired by the frequent reference of the fruit by the series. They are categorized as the Gold Pineapple, Silver Pineapple, and Bronze Pineapple. There is also a Diamond Pineapple that is awarded to the Best Overall Writer. New this year, 2010, is the Best New Writer award, which is the Emerald Pineapple. Below are what the Pineapple Awards look like:

Below you will find a few graphics you can use to promote the awards or your nomination into the Psychfic awards. Urge people to participate in the awards and to vote for you if you are nominated!

NOTICE: The graphics below are images that you can use on your personal website, LiveJournal, MySpace, etc. None of them are to be used on Psychfic. Promotional nomination and vote buttons will be placed with the nominated stories on Psychfic by the Site Administrator.

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